Digital Defender

Shoot ’em all!! Digital Defender is a castle defense game where you will fight with the game consoles, your enemies, who are coming in waves!

The old-skool game consoles are raged and attacking with wrath, for the ignorance and dropping popularity among gamers! Load your bow and unleashing powerful magic to confront with those invaders.
Defend your castle with abilities and spells which may turn the tide in battles! The game consoles got varies abilities and attacking styles, they will become stronger in every new stage. Be sure to earn enough gold and chips to strengthen your weapon and spells.

- Exciting and addictive gameplay, totally free!
- Stylish HD graphics and high quality effects!
- Numerous stages and enemies to defeat!
- Plenty of upgrades and spells available which allows different kind of strategies!
- Challenging and rewarding missions!
- And many more features waiting for you to explore!

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